About Mini Grants

Our Mini-Grant Program is designed to get the dollars into the classroom more quickly than what our larger grants provide. The information below will get you started on our easy grant application process.

Who May Apply

  • Teachers

Submission Deadline

There will be 20 grants up to $250 each awarded. They are available on a first come first serve basis.

Apply for a Mini-Grant (up to $250)

Project Name:
Budget Outline:
School Associated to Project:
# of Students Involved:
Projected Start Date:
Project Description & Grant Use:
How Will Students Benefit or Be Involved:
Curriculum Expansion or Enhancement:
Confirmation of Understanding:

Our grants support projects to improve the learning experience.


  • Incorporate direct student involvement
  • Enhance and expand the educational environment of all schools in the Washougal School District
  • Encourage creativity and critical thinking
  • Broaden and deepen students’ academic experience

Greater emphasis will be placed on grants that meet one or more of the following funding priorities (listed in order of importance)

  • Innovative ideas, which enrich the quality of our students’ educational experience
  • Provides educational needs for our students that go above and beyond the existing classroom curriculum
  • Expands the students’ ability to learn
  • Maximizes the benefits of expended funds
  • Provides a long term benefit to the educational environment and community

Restrictions (non-fundable)

  • Teacher salaries, teacher release time, teacher training
  • Incentives and rewards
  • Food/clothing not related to grant goals
  • Travel, bus transportation
  • Field trips
  • Advertising
  • Equipment purchases (computers, digital cameras, scanners, video recorders)
  • Text books (mirror copies for class & home use)
  • Items not listed that are deemed inappropriate by the Foundation Allocation Review Committee