We ❤️ Educators.


Our grants support projects to improve the learning experience.


  • Incorporate direct student involvement
  • Enhance and expand the educational environment of all schools in the Washougal School District
  • Encourage creativity and critical thinking
  • Broaden and deepen students’ academic experience

Greater emphasis will be placed on grants that meet one or more of the following funding priorities (listed in order of importance)

  • Innovative ideas, which enrich the quality of our students’ educational experience
  • Provides educational needs for our students that go above and beyond the existing classroom curriculum
  • Expands the students’ ability to learn
  • Maximizes the benefits of expended funds
  • Provides a long term benefit to the educational environment and community

Restrictions (non-fundable)

  • Teacher salaries, teacher release time, teacher training
  • Incentives and rewards
  • Food/clothing not related to grant goals
  • Travel, bus transportation
  • Field trips
  • Advertising
  • Equipment purchases (computers, digital cameras, scanners, video recorders)
  • Text books (mirror copies for class & home use)
  • Items not listed that are deemed inappropriate by the Foundation Allocation Review Committee

Creative Classroom Grants

Our Creative Classroom Grant Program is offered twice a year for grants up to $1,000. The information below will get you started on our easy grant application process.

Who May Apply

  • Teachers
  • Support staff
  • Administrators
  • Students
  • Parents and other community members

Submission Deadline

Creative Classroom Grant applications are accepted twice annually, in the spring and the fall. Application deadlines are relayed to principals, posted at schools, on our website and announced in the Post Record. The fall deadline is October 31 and the spring deadline is April 15.

Mini Grants

Our Mini-Grant Program is designed to get the dollars into the classroom more quickly than what our larger grants provide. The information below will get you started on our easy grant application process.

Who May Apply

  • Teachers

Submission Deadline

There will be 20 grants up to $250 each awarded. They are available on a first come first serve basis.

Grant Recipients

2018/2019 Recipients

  • The Case of the Lost Skull, Jemtegaard and Canyon Creek Middle Schools
  • Club 8: Projects and Explorations and Enspire Arts, Jemtegaard and Canyon Creek Middle Schools
  • Dream Big Event, Hathaway Elementary
  • Fidgeting Helps Us Focus, Gause Elementary
  • Dramatic re-enactments, Columbia River Gorge Elementary
  • Motivating Reluctant Readers, Cape Horn-Skye Elementary
  • Orff Xylophones, Mt. Pleasant K-8
  • Gause Elementary STEAM with 3Doodler pens
  • Greenhouse Project, Mt. Pleasant K-8
  • Noise Reduction Headphones, Cape Horn-Skye Elementary
  • Self-portrait, Cape Horn-Skye Elementary
  • Chinese Bamboo Painting, Columbia River Gorge Elementary
  • School Rhythm Rug, Hathaway Elementary
  • Une Soirée avec Chef Boyce, Washougal High School
  • Reading with Family Opportunity at School, Gause Elementary
  • Making Learning Engaging and Meaningful, Hathaway Elementary School
  • Unsung Americans, Canyon Creek Middle School
  • Costuming, Washougal High School
  • Fidgeting Helps Us Focus, Gause Elementary
  • Touching Spirit Bear Novel Set, Canyon Creek Middle School
  • Science Research, Canyon Creek Middle School
  • Phonics, Hathaway Elementary
  • Ukeleles, Mt. Pleasant K-8 School
  • Zoo Phonics ABC Letter Sound Cards, Hathaway Elementary School

2017/2018 Recipients

  • Summer Reading Program, Gause Elementary
  • OMSI Pit Crew, Hathaway Elementary School
  • Artist in Residence, Washougal High School
  • Confluence Mural, Jemtegaard Middle School
  • Volleyball Extravaganza, Cape Horn-Skye Elementary
  • You Otter Strum a Uke Too!, Columbia River Gorge Elementary
  • READING ROCKS: Battle of the Books for 3rd-5th Graders!, Cape Horn-Skye Elementary
  • Kindergarten STEM, Cape Horn-Skye Elementary
  • Husky Book Club, Jemtegaard Middle School
  • Maps for the Classroom: Opening the World to our Children, Columbia River Gorge Elementary
  • Break Out Project, Hathaway Elementary School
  • Social Emotional Learning, Gause Elementary
  • New York Times, Canyon Creek Middle School
  • Dream Big Event, Hathaway Elementary
  • Know Your Facts!, Columbia River Gorge Elementary
  • Band Uniforms, Gause Elementary
  • Birdies and Balls, Cape Horn-Skye Elementary
  • Growth Mindset and Grit Through Hip Hop Education, Cape Horn-Skye Elementary
  • Accessing Literacy, Cape Horn-Skye Elementary
  • Science Night, Cape Horn-Skye Elementary
  • Fostering Resilient Learners, Hathaway Elementary School
  • Ice Technique Snowmen, Cape Horn-Skye Elementary
  • STEAM Bins, Hathaway Elementary School
  • Club 8, Jemtegaard Middle School
  • Stretchy Bands for Movement, Columbia River Gorge Elementary
  • Picture-Perfect STEM, Columbia River Gorge Elementary
  • Stained Glass Art in the Middle Ages, Columbia River Gorge Elementary
  • Noise Cancelling Ear Muffs, Columbia River Gorge Elementary
  • Orff Metallophone, Mt. Pleasant K-8
  • Collaborate Language Arts, Columbia River Gorge Elementary
  • First Note Music Curriculum, Columbia River Gorge Elementary
  • Fostering Developmental Play, Hathaway Elementary School

2016/2017 Recipients

  • Fishin’ for Nutrition, Gause Elementary
  • Accelerated Reading Program, Hathaway Elementary
  • Accelerated Reading Program, Cape Horn-Skye
  • Active Learners, Hathaway Elementary
  • Art in the Classroom, Hathaway Elementary
  • Brain and Body Classroom Seating, Gause Elementary
  • Building Bridges with Sports, Hathaway Elementary
  • Engaging Students with Reading, Hathaway Elementary
  • Focus Fidgets, Hathaway Elementary
  • Guided Math for Firsties, Hathaway Elementary
  • iPad Document Camera Stand, Hathaway Elementary
  • Job Boxes, Washougal High School
  • Kindergarten Number Sense, Hathaway Elementary
  • Literacy Connections and Literacy Station, Hathaway Elementary
  • Mardi Gras Behind the Mask – the Zulu Coconut, Washougal High School
  • Math Games for Math Stations, Hathaway Elementary
  • Pollinator Garden, Mt Pleasant School

2015/2016 Recipients

  • RAZ Kids and Writing A-Z, Cape Horn-Skye
  • MANU and Empower HER Programs, Jemtegaard Middle School and Canyon Creek Middle School
  • “Uke” Can Play A String Instrument Tool, Hathaway Elementary
  • Follett Shelf eBook Library for Science, Jemtegaard

2012/2013 Recipients

  • LEGO Pneumatics Add-Ons, Hathaway Elementary, Gause Elementary, Cape Horn-Skye
  • Chromebooks for Collaboration, Washougal High School
  • National Geographic Explorer Magazine, Cape Horn-Skye
  • Accelerated Reading Program, Cape Horn-Skye
  • Headphone Collection, Hathaway
  • Connection to Literacy, Cape Horn-Skye
  • Headsets for Computers, Cape Horn-Skye
  • Panther Bites, Washougal High School
  • Physical Education Apple TV and Converter, Hathaway
  • Character Shoes for Drama, Washougal High School

2011/2012 Recipients

  • Missoula Children’s Theatre, Hathaway Elementary
  • SmartMusic for SmartKids, District-Wide
  • Lost at School (Staff Learning), Hathaway Elementary
  • Focus Pads, Cape Horn-Skye Elementary
  • Playaway Digital Audiobooks (in conjunction with Battle of the Books), Cape Horn-Skye Elementary and Canyon Creek Middle School

2009 Recipients

  • Literacy Day – Gause Elementary School
  • Theater Lighting Software – Washougal High School
  • Computer Software – Jemtegaard Middle School
  • Rock Climbing Wall – Cape Horn-Skye Elementary School

2008 Recipients

  • Japanese Festival, Washougal High School
  • Washington State Tile Mural Project, Hathaway Elementary
  • See and Solve CalculatorsCanyon Creek Middle School
  • Math SharksCape Horn-Skye Elementary School
  • Author in ResidenceHathaway Elementary School
  • Japanese Movie ClubWashougal High School
  • Math and Management RugHathaway Elementary School
  • Math NightJemtegaard Middle School
  • Poetry Study ProjectWashougal High School
  • Write Again BoardsCape Horn-Skye Elementary School
  • World War IIExcelsior High School

2007 Recipients

  • Math OnlineCape Horn-Skye Elementary
  • Enrichment Through National GeographicGause Elementary
  • Scholastic MagazineJemtegaard Middle School
  • 8th Grade Reading JournalCanyon Creek Middle School
  • First in Math OnlineCape Horn-Skye Elementary School
  • Literature CirclesJemtegaard Middle School
  • Red Ribbon WeekHathaway Elementary School
  • Authors VisitCape Horn-Skye Elementary School
  • Puppet TheatreCape Horn-Skye Elementary School
  • Trait Book and Science Photo JournalGause Elementary School
  • Washington State Tile Mural ProjectHathaway Elementary
  • Mad Science Rocks/MineralsGause Elementary
  • Artist in ResidenceHathaway Elementary School
  • Health Skeleton with MusclesWashougal High School
  • Young Author’s TeaHathaway Elementary School
  • Fifth Grade Trip to TacomaCape Horn-Skye Elementary School
  • A Wilderness AdventureGause Elementary School