2020 Creative Classroom Grant Recipient


Washougal School Foundation was happy to provide a $250 Mini Grant to Janet Grove’s physics students at Washougal High School. As virtual classes were beginning in the fall, Ms. Grove saw an upcoming challenge for the coming school year. How would she engage her students during lab time, especially since physics classes are known for hands-on measurement of pendulums, springs, projectiles and lasers.

Fortunately, she was aware of an online science subscription platform that would work. Once she realized the cost to cover her entire incoming class, she reached out to Washington Schools Foundation. Ms. Grove applied for one of our WSF $250 Mini Grants and was able to have the lab platform up and running in time for the Fall term. The web based application, called Pivot Interactives, contains hundreds of science experiment videos. The program allows her students to measure and manipulate parts of the onscreen videos to test their knowledge of the lesson from home.

A former civil engineeer, Ms. Grove began her teaching career in 2010 and is in her fourth year teaching at WHS.